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What is Med Sync?


It’s a proactive & coordinated refill program where your medications are filled so they run out at the same time. Refills are automatically requested in advance and medications are ordered, filled, and ready for pick-up before you run out!



Why Do We Med Sync?


Outcomes – Patients who have access to their medications without much hassle, trouble or confusion, also have an easier time taking them the correct way.

Patient Satisfaction – Likewise, patients are happier with our services because there is less coordinations. Less confusion and less trips to the pharmacy! Your personal, designated pharmacist or tech is always ready to address your questions and concerns.

Insurance Compliance – Insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers now penalize patients, providers and pharmacies when important medications aren’t taken correctly. Synchronizations ensures our pharmacy is doing what we can to help our patients understand their medication regimens better and how to take them correctly.



The Med Sync Routine


1.)  We Contact you 7 days before you run out to inform you of what day your medications will be ready, address questions regarding your medication therapy, and when applicable; inform you of medications we weren’t able to get refills on so that you may contact your doctor directly to acquire refills.

2.)  You Should Inform Us As Soon As Possible of: medication discontinuations, medication changes, medication excess greater than a full sync supply, “As Needed” Medications you would like to be included in the upcoming sync fill, and any questions you have about your medication regimen.

3.) If no changes are communicated, then we will have your medication ready as informed on your pickup day!



How Do I Start?


Med Sync is started by picking a day and filling all meds to run out on that day by “short-filling”. Once this happens we will fill and maintain that schedule moving forward.